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Simply Growing Farm
Address: 550 Wes Randall Rd DEEP GAP, NC, 28618
Phone: 828-265-8511
About Us
Simply Growing Farm is an educational farm and growing center. It is 10.2 miles away from the Food Hub, located in the Triplett Valley, in Deep Gap. It is a market garden that provides healthy and vibrant food to the community and a center that strives to provide a space for kids and adults to grow, learn, and play in a farm/outdoor environment. Jess has been homesteading for over 10 years, growing vegetables, raising chickens, pigs, and goats and is bringing those experiences to the farm in this expanded adventure of growing for the wider market, not just the family table. Jess has also been an educator and brings those experiences and insights to the enrichment and farm school programs that take place at the farm. The farm offers a variety of vegetables, many of which we strive to offer nearly year-round, and we have a new micro-greens operation, which will be producing these tasty and healthy delights year-round.
At the farm, we grow all our vegetables from seed, started here at the farm in our hoop seed-house. We are working to build soil here at the farm, which will grow healthy plants that are resistant to disease and bug pressure. We make most of our compost here at the farm, with materials from the local area. When necessary, we use only organically approved products, to deal with any pests, but do so infrequently and conservatively. We try to employ no-till strategies as often as we can, or minimal tillage, to allow the soil to be as healthy as possible, along with all the life that is brewing under the surface. Having a deep respect for the interconnectedness of life and all the things seen and unseen that go into growing good food, we continuously aim to grow and learn better and better ways to work with the earth and produce rich, nutritious, food for our family and the community.