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Forest Forage Farm
Contact: Joe Delventhal & Gin Martineau
Address: 281 Clawson RD Butler, TN, 37640
Phone: 954-292-0352
About Us
We are Joe and Gin - foresters, foragers, farmers steps from the NC state line the Butler, Tennessee. We believe that naturally grown food nourishes the mind, body, and spirit making us better equipped to be stewards of the natural world. Forest Forage Farm encompasses several aspects of intentional interaction with the land including bio-intensive agriculture, food preservation, land consultation and conservation, cultivation of mental healing spaces, and re-sourcing local building materials. We approach farming as a central piece of the equation, the heart of healthy communities.

Forest Forage Farm sprouted at the hands of Joe Delventhal in the form of sustainable foraging, organic garlic tending, and mushroom growing in his wooded land in Valle Crucis. A few years along the way, Ginna Martineau and her beloved pig Linus joined the operation. Together we lived off-grid, growing food, converging our ideas for cultivating vibrant communities, and tending to our beloved first child. Shortly after starting our family, we found our charming 2 acre family farm and established roots in Butler, Tennessee in October 2022.
We practice diversified bio-intensive farming methods from inoculating mushroom logs, which are sourced locally and sustainably, to regenerative seasonal vegetable and herb production that promotes a healthy, balanced farm ecosystem. We’re able to achieve zero to low tillage methods by incorporating crop and animal rotation, intentionally selected produce varieties, nutrient dense compost, and organic soil fertilizers when necessary. We do NOT use harmful chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides) & GMO seeds on our farm.