Heritage Homestead Goat Dairy
Address: 960 Roy Goodman Road Crumpler, NC, 28617
Phone: 828-773-8319
About Us
Located 29 miles from the Food Hub

Heritage Homestead Goat Dairy is nestled on 17 acres in the mountains of Ashe County just outside of Jefferson, North Carolina. Carol and Lon Coulter purchased the old Florence Kelly home place in 1994, which had been a working cow dairy until the early 70s. To help clear the briars and brambles that had taken over the farm, the Coulters purchased goats. One thing led to another and soon enough Carol was milking goats and taking cheese classes. For 6 years the Coulters worked toward becoming a licensed dairy and in January of 2009 Heritage Homestead was licensed.

The Coulters raise Saanens, Alpines and a few Nubians. Their wonderful sweet milk is made into farmstead cheese sold at local farmers’ markets and select retail shops.

Their mission is to produce great tasting cheese, fudge and caramel from the milk of happy, healthy goats.

Certifications: Licensed as a farmstead dairy by the NC Department of Agriculture
The goats at Heritage Homestead live better than most people. They have great housing, are well fed and have excellent medical care when needed. The goats are happy and healthy and give the best tasting milk which we turn into awesome cheese, fudge and caramel.

The goats at Heritage Homestead are pampered. They eat local alfalfa and hay as well as beet pulp with molasses, grain, sunflowers seeds, roasted peanuts and spend three seasons on lush pasture. The goats are milked for 7 months of the year then dried up for winter while they are bred to make milk for the next season.