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Open Ridge Farm
Contact: Gretchen Ferrell & Jona Felts
Address: 66 AF Simmons Road Burnsville, NC, 28714
Phone: 828-536-4106
About Us
Located 56 miles from High Country Food Hub

Open Ridge Farm is a small, family-run market garden located at the base of Mt. Mitchell in Yancey County. We grow annual vegetables (including plenty of hot peppers), craft hot sauce in our certified Farm Kitchen, and host family-friendly and affordable farm dinners and events. We are full-time market gardeners, and aim to grow healthy food for our community in a manner that supports keeping our watershed clean, building healthy soils, and drawing down carbon year-round.

Certified Appalachian Grown
We practice no-till, regenerative agriculture, aiming to improve our soil health year after year. We do not utilize any chemical-based fertilizers or pesticides, but rather aim to deter pests through growing healthy soil (and plenty of bug squishing). In our hot sauce, we only use whole food ingredients.