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Sleepy Bird Farm
City: Valle Crucis, NC,
Phone: 980-313-5482
About Us
Sleepy Bird Farm is the project of Pete LeGrand and Katie Bruce. Currently we are located on the Farm Incubator and Grower (FIG) in Valle Crucis. We are both interested in building our careers in farming and are excited about this opportunity to start! We have been thoroughly blessed to have access to this land and are using this opportunity to grow a variety of vegetables and flowers for the community to enjoy!
Being college students studying agroecology at App State, we are applying what we have learned in the classroom to the real world. This includes minimal intervention practices, with a focus on avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Very little pesticides are used on our crops, and when they are they are certified organic. We are also stewarding the land we are leasing in a manner that will protect the soil for the future, in order to allow for continued use of the land by future beginning farmers.