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Against the Grain
Contact: Holly Whitesides and Andy Bryant
Address: 619 Camp Joy Rd Zionville, NC, 28698
Phone: 828-406-4439
About Us
Located 10.7 miles from the High Country Food Hub.

We are a small, diversified, 35 acre family farm located outside of Boone, NC. We raise a broad spectrum of certified Biodynamic and Organic produce on approximately 2 acres and Animal Welfare Approved livestock on the remaining acreage. Our life's work is to support the health of our farm and community by producing healthy vegetables and ethically-raised meats, GMO-free meats.
We see our farm as a functioning whole, which is greater than the sum of it's parts. Each type of land base (cultivated crop land, pasture/hay ground, waterways and forest) is managed with the goal of protecting and regenerating resources. Our livestock is pasture-raised, rotated on a regular basis and fed GMO-free feed. We are certified through Animal Welfare Approved, as a third party verification of our management practices. In addition, our cultivated land is managed in a way that enhances soil humus and utilizes the fertility created by the farm's livestock to grow nutrient dense food for our customers.