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Two Stones Farm + Mill
Contact: Lindsey Giglio & Duane Gibson
Address: 375 Kelley Gap Road Greeneville, TN, 37743
Phone: 828-998-3050
About Us
We are a small USDA Certified Organic Farm, growing fruit, grain, vegetables, flowers, & herbs.

FARMER GROWN & GROUND. We grow & freshly, cold stone-mill our grain. It takes two stones to crush wheat berries into flour & from there, bread can be created.Our farm roots began with the two of us, but it takes a community to grow.

Growing up on the land where the farm is rooted, Duane planted a large blueberry patch as a teenager, inspired by his Grandpa Hawthorne and Great Grandpa Thomas who propagated blueberries and ran berry U-Picks in Georgia. He has tended to the original patch over the past 20 years while expanding farm operations. Working for years as a bread baker & grist miller, Lindsey met Duane & the next year started growing wheat together. We create & grow with mindfulness of ecological balance & community connection.
USDA Certified Organic
* Our farm is USDA Certified Organic, but the mill is not certified yet. Therefore, we cannot sell our milled products as Certifed Organic. We’re working on changing that, so stay tuned.