Black Birch Her-Pothecary LLC
Contact: Meghan O'Neill
Address: 21408 NC Highway 88 W Zionville , NC, 28698
Phone: 252-904-6890
About Us
Small Herbal Farm in western NC. I am a certified clinical herbalist form the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine where I completed 3 years of clinical training. I specialize in clinical herbal medicine for everyday needs. Everything I sell is produced by hand by me in small batches. Everything is organically grown or ethically wild harvested. I grown and wild harvest most of my herbs I use or other local farmers grow things I purchase.
We specialize in bringing forth harmony and balance to the body in order for it to work in an efficient and optimal capacity. Nothing is "sprayed" ever! We pull weeds by hand or occasionally let them take over (weeds are medicinal too)! I like to allow the plants to grow in their desired spaces to achieve the highest level of constituents. Some of our gardens are traditional, and some are seeds thrown around by the hand full to find their homes (creek side, wooded, transition zones, in the field, etc). Though we are not certified organic, we follow the practice as if we are. We choose to produce the highest quality hand made herbal medicine at an affordable cost.