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Tidewater Grain Co.
Address: 650 Parks Field Dr. Kannapolis, NC, 28081
Phone: 910-995-1524
About Us
Tidewater Grain Co. farm is about 900 ac. of small heirloom grains. We are dedicated to an eco friendly and wildlife friendly planting program that uses very little herbicide to grow our rice. Water is our natural herbicide! We plant around the end of April and harvest around the end of August. The rice is dried for a period of time, once that is done we mill the rice at our on rice mill a few miles from the farm. We ship the rice back to Kannapolis NC to pack and distribute.
Tidewater Grain Co is a totally sustainable family and farmer-owned specialty small grain producer based in Oriental, NC. Our focus: heirloom grains. We are proud to be the first NC rice farmers in over 120 years, to grow Carolina Gold Rice, our flagship product. We grow and mill our rice at the farm and offer current harvest, GMO free white and brown rice as well as middlins or rice grits, rice hulls and a specialty long-grain variety of Carolina Gold Rice called Santee Gold to both retail and wholesale customers. With the 2021 harvest, we are the first farm in the world to once again grow the award-winning Santee Gold long grain variety, originally grown in the late 1800s.