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Persimmon Winds Wellness LLC
Address: PO box 223 Boone, NC, 28615
Phone: 774-254-7806
About Us
Persimmon Winds Wellness “kitchen” grew from recognizing the need for providing ready to eat, nourishing foods that are truly in alignment with the rhythms of nature. My training & education in Chinese Medicine* strongly influences my approach to nourishment. An approach that not only aims to bring balance to the body, but is uplifting to the spirit and assists in connecting more deeply to our inner & outer environments. I am passionate about curating meals using locally grown and wild harvested foods for optimal nourishment. The underlying principle of what I aim to do is to build resilience in a way that fosters the regeneration of both humans & earth while maintaining a harmonious relationship between the two.

My focus is on kitchen staples such as seasonal bone broths, prepared foods, herbal spice mixes, & nourishing snacks.

*The Chinese Medicine viewpoint of a balanced diet puts less emphasis on specific micro nutrients and more emphasis on digestibility, season, directionality, environment, temperature & cooking method as well as incorporating the five flavors of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, & pungent. The belief is that food is the first medicine and there are no "one size fits all" regimens- But rather guidelines to explore the energetics of foods in alignment with seasonality & correspondence to individual needs.

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I use local, sustainably harvested & organic ingredients. I integrate the practices of cultures that have been shared with and taught to me, but are not from my own cultural lineage. I acknowledge and hold a deep respect for the peoples and cultures from whom this wisdom has been shared.