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Happy Hens NC, LLC
Address: 2529 Tucker Rd Lansing, NC, 28643
Phone: 336-770-5331
About Us
Happy Hens NC, LLC is a family-owned and operated small farm nestled on the eastern slopes of Pond Mountain in a remote area of Ashe County crisscrossed by narrow dirt roads. We produce chickens and thanksgiving turkeys raised on a combination of pasture, bugs and Non-GMO feed. Our meat chickens, which produce our breast, leg/thigh, wings and whole chickens are raised in mobile chicken tractors on our pasture. Our Turkeys are raised the same way. Our egg layers have a stationary coop with 2 separate pastures, which we rotate them between to make sure our pasture is never fully depleted.

We also raise a market garden every year where we grow peas, beans, lettuce, potatoes, onions, squash and more.
-Pasture rotation
-Mobile Chicken Tractors
-Local Non-GMO feed from Sunrise Farms in Virginia
-Family-owned and operated