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Wildhaven Farm & Forest Retreat
Contact: Cass & Brian Bradley
Address: 9696 Hwy 181 Newland, NC, 28657
Phone: 704-941-9391
About Us
WILDHAVEN Farm & Forest retreat is an active land rejuvenation and micro-farm located in a 30-acre forest perfectly situated in heart of Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The project was created by Cassandra and Brian Bradley to fulfill a long-time dream of land ownership, land conservation, and personal lifestyle fulfillment.

In the Summer of 2022, they will welcome others who appreciate 30 feral acres of forest complete with a pond, fireflies, starlight, mountains, wildflowers, and a not-so-rustic wilderness experience.

Through a combination of glamping stay offerings, intimate workshops, retreats, and other private events they will utilize all proceeds towards land regeneration & conservation efforts as well as a portion to The High Country Trails Alliance. (their non-profit organization)
No pesticides
No herbicides

Grown with love, sun and water.