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Lux & Lye LLC
Contact: Natalie Green Rodeniser
Address: 819 Hwy 194 N Apt. 1 Boone, NC, 28607
Phone: 949-295-5726
About Us
Lux & Lye LLC is a handcrafted, artisan soap company specializing in bar soaps using pure and natural ingredients, elegantly designed. We are in Watauga County. We produce artisan bar soaps, body butters and lip balms using the highest quality natural ingredients. We are a one-person team. Everything is handcrafted by Natalie herself.

We believe showering is one of the most sacred and intimate parts of our daily routine. We find ourselves deep in thought, alone and fully vulnerable yet safe to be our truest selves in the comfort of the clean water rushing over us. Our soaps elevate your sacred routine with a luxurious lather to help wash away stress. Our calming scents invigorate and relax so you can start, or end, your day true to your beautiful self.

We bridge the gap between beautifully designed soaps and naturally sourced ingredients. Our passion is to bring the luxury of the spa and the beneficial properties of plant-based ingredients to our customers' homes.
We take great care to research the ingredients used in all our products and the potential environmental and health concerns each ingredient can cause. We use plant-based ingredients in all our products and limit use of animal-based products. We do not use synthetic fragrances, colorants or dyes.

We choose to be intentional with all aspects of our business, from ingredients to manufacturing and cleanup, to do our part in minimizing environmental impact. Being environmentally fair is not a fad for us, but an active lifestyle and choice to create products that are great for your skin and safe for the Earth. We take initiative to reuse everything we can, recycle what we cannot use again and compost additional trash to minimize waste in all areas of business.