High Country Fungi
Contact: Avery Hughes
Address: 4716 S US Hwy 19 E Plumtree, NC, 28654
Email Address:
Phone: 706-851-6954
About Us
High Country Fungi is your one stop shop for all things Mushrooms! We propagate all of our own cultures and spawn, in house, in a sterile laboratory, to ensure the healthiest mushrooms for our customers. We currently supply many of your favorite Boone restaurants with fresh, gourmet mushrooms and will be vending at the Watauga County Farmers Market every weekend in 2021. Aside from fresh mushrooms, we sell dehydrated mushrooms, grow kits, medicinal mushroom extracts, and culture spawn for those who wish to explore log/garden bed cultivation at home. Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.