High Country Fungi
Contact: Avery Hughes
Address: 4716 S US Hwy 19 E Plumtree, NC, 28654
Phone: 706-851-6954
About Us
High Country Fungi is your premier source for the highest quality mushroom products in the WNC area. We supply over 15 of your favorite restaurants in Watauga and Avery Counties as well as Earth Fare, Wildwood Community Market, and Be Natural Market with fresh mushrooms every week. We cultivate 8+ varieties of fresh gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and also produce Medicinal Mushroom Extracts, Grow Your Own Kits, Freeze Dried mushrooms and Wild Foraged mushrooms (when in season). Our varieties include King Blue Oyster, Gold Oyster, Pink Oyster, Pioppino, Chestnut, Black Pearl, Golden Enoki, Lions Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps Militaris. We grow our mushrooms using all natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals or pesticides. All of our fresh mushrooms are harvested and delivered on the same day to ensure quality/freshness. We have been featured in The Mountain Times, the Autumn 2021 Edition of CML Magazine, and the Autumn 2022 Edition of WNC Magazine. From April to November you can find us at the Watagua County Farmers Market in Boone every Saturday.