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Carol's Cluckers
Contact: Carol Coulter
Address: 960 Roy Goodman Road Crumpler, NC, 28617
About Us
Located 29 miles from the Food Hub

Carol's Clucker's is nestled on 17 acres in the mountains of Ashe County just outside of Jefferson, North Carolina. Carol and Lon Coulter purchased the old Florence Kelly home place in 1994, which had been a working cow dairy until the early 70s. It was their goat dairy until 2023. They are shifting the focus of the farm to egg production in 2024 with chickens and ducks.
The chickens and ducks are on pasture and non-GMO feed. They added duck eggs for folks who are allergic in an enzyme in chicken eggs. In the summer, the chickens and ducks enjoy goodies from the garden and forage on pasture.