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Sweetwater Kitchen
Contact: Iona Jones
Address: 316 Tater Hill Rd Zionville, NC, 28698
Phone: 828-773-8623
About Us
Sweetwater Kitchen is located 8 miles from the High Country Food Hub, in the pastoral Cove Creek Valley of Watauga County. Our proprietor is Iona Jones, who specializes in locally sourced catering and creating homemade baked goods, low-sugar canned goods, candied fruits and flowers, and other unique treats. Iona's passion for cooking, baking, and canning began in childhood, while helping her mother prepare for the Watauga County Farmer's Market where the family sold veggies, cheeses, and baked treats sourced from their organic homestead garden and dairy goat farm located on the edges of Ashe County. As a private chef and caterer, Iona has continued to follow this passion for healthy and unique kitchen creations. Sweetwater Kitchen is delighted to be a new producer for the High Country Food Hub, and looks forward to providing tasty treats for our friends, family, and neighbors.
Sweetwater Kitchen grows many of our own herbs, flowers, fruits, berries, and veggies in a small kitchen garden located on site. Eggs and all other produce used is sourced through the High Country Food Hub and other local organic farmers. Grains and spices are sourced from Bob's Red Mill, King Arthur Baking Co., Simply Organic Spice Co., and Mountain Rose Herbs. Food coloring components and all natural and plant-based, such as beet root powder and berry juices. Every Sweetwater Kitchen creation is artfully crafted and infused with love and laughter!