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Lucky Gamble Farm
City: Vilas, NC, 28692
We are very small scale and mostly produce for ourselves, so we have not taken any steps towards certifications. However, we do have a lot of practices and methods. They are mostly old methods, working the soil by hand and delving into the specifics of each space.

It is easy to add and remove things from the land without concern for the future, but that is short sighted. We prefer slow processes that feed back into the land, things that slowly build in a full circle. We seek to work with our local ecology, to not only feed ourselves, but to improve the land that is in our care. Some of our work is for the food web that existed long before we were here - to provide habitats for wildlife, beneficial insects, pollinators, and soil microbes.

Each slow bit of improvement adds to the quality of what we can produce and enjoy. So enjoy with us the best products of these labors!