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Mountainwise Farm
Contact: Casey Jordaan and Tyler Hoskinson
Address: 501 Lucky Ln Zionville, NC, 28698
Phone: 828-355-0039
About Us
Located 13 miles from High Country Food Hub
Mountainwise Farm is a small-scale, vegetable farm located in Zionville, Watauga County.
We grow high-quality salad greens, baby leaf mixes, root vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs. We farm fulltime and employ 1 parttime employee.
We farm with the intention of growing the best quality food, food that is safe, clean and nutritious. It is our greatest honor to be stewards of the land and to co-create health and healing through food.

We believe healthy food comes from healthy soil and a healthy farm ecosystem.
We contribute to healthy soil by low to zero tillage methods of garden bed preparation, heavy compost application, and organic soil amendments when necessary. Instead of fighting pests and disease after they have manifested, we invest in the careful selection of vegetable varieties, crop rotation, and healthy soil - choosing only to spray (organic) for pests/disease as a last resort. Our healthy farm ecosystem includes wild plants and animals, fruit trees, farm animals, flowers, pollinators and mindful property maintenance. We are always working towards harmony and balance on the farm - a lifelong endeavor that we humbly grow towards.


We do NOT use harmful chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides) & GMO seeds on our farm.


has always been at the heart of our farm and our home. when we talk of devotion, we talk of the everyday practice of devoting ourselves to the divine, to the land, to each other and to our community. above all else - this practice keeps us in alignment with our mission - to co-create health and healing through food.

is the thread that weaves it all together. when we are connected to the land, to nature, to animals - we are connected to ourselves. from that place we are able to build friendships and collaborations in our community. it is our goal to welcome all with hospitality and an open heart.

is the flame that burns even on the coldest and darkest mornings. there is no doubt that farming takes grit and a willingness to embrace all the triumphs and losses that come along the way. with the right amount of gumption, anything is possible!

of intuition, beauty, joy, simplicity and authenticity is our daily practice. we work towards the inclusion of the above through thoughtful action, kind words and peaceful thoughts.

is one that has been cultivated through compassion, empathy and reverence. we strive to treat all life with compassion and respect. we believe that some of our greatest lessons can come from our witnessing, listening and interacting with the natural world.

is achieved through intention. we believe in the prevention of dis-ease by nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits with whole, plant foods that are naturally and lovingly grown.