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Asa Acres
Contact: Adam Coker
Address: 407 Old Hampton Rd Boone, NC, 28607
Phone: 828-773-0633
Website: AA.Farm
About Us
At Asa Acres, we are beef producers committed to growing forage-fed cattle free of growth hormones and antibiotics.
Asa Acres is a collaborative effort spearheaded by Adam Coker and Neal Grose, a dairy farmer in Harmony, NC who has been negatively impacted by the downs the dairy industry has seen this last decade. Neal and his father Bill are pioneers in the no-till, and regenerative farming methodologies here in NC, dating back to the 1950's. We believe that no-till farming combined practices such as keeping cattle out on pasture instead of stockyards is a far more humane way of raising cattle than the traditional beef industry. This method also produces a better tasting, more nutrient dense protein which are bodies can greatly benefit from. We raise our cattle to 24-32 months and do not use growth hormones or antibiotics.Taste the difference!