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Address: 4131 County Home Rd Conover, NC, 28613
Phone: 980-866-1384
About Us
Our farm is 4.5 acres with almost 2 acres of bio-intensive vegetable farming, where we focus on living soils and valuable relationships. We started off homesteading in the city on 1 acre with chickens, vegetables and honeybees. Growing nutrient dense produce was our hobby together and we enjoyed it so much that we decided we needed to make it our living. We found an opportunity in South Carolina to start a market garden for a farm-to-table events business. We took the plunge, quit our jobs, sold everything we owned and lived in an RV while we built their market garden. After one year we knew we wanted to do it for ourselves and found our current farmland in Conover, NC. It's been four years and we are still loving it and growing more everyday! Currently we employ one full-time and two part-time employees, and make a living together solely from our farm. We are expanding our vegetable production and also chipping away at a food forest project for medicinals, berries and mushrooms. We welcome visitors and encourage everyone to know their farmer, ask questions and get involved!

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We are Certified Naturally Grown, so we do not spray any synthetic fertilizers, fungicides or herbicides. We focus heavily on soil and plant health, and strive to learn more everyday about how to be better growers.