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Brown's Farm
Contact: Debbie Brown Snyder
Address: 2107 Forge Creek Rd Mountain City, TN, 37683
Phone: 423-213-0534
About Us
Located 23.2 miles (29 minutes) from High Country Food Hub

Brown's Farm is a diversified, 5th generation family farm located on Forge Creek Road in Johnson County TN. We grow heirloom & rare varieties of watermelon, winter squash, and pumpkins.We strive to provide our community with high quality, clean produce that is unique and chemical free. We also raise Kiko meat goats.

We are a Certified Master Small Ruminant Producer

You can also find us at:
We use only Non-GMO, and chemical free seeds & plants. We also use honey bees to pollinate our crops. We employ crop rotation and cover crops to help maintain the health of our soil.