4440 Ranch and Cattle Co, LLC
Address: Office: 2985 Pooveys Chapel Church Road Hudson, NC, 28638
Phone: 828-850-1953
About Us

Farm Location: 2039 Hwy 268 Lenoir, NC 28645
25 miles from the High Country Food Hub

Owners: Madison Bumgarner, Ali Bumgarner, Mark Saunders, Tanner Saunders

4440 Ranch and Cattle Company is a family owned and operated farm located just down the mountain in the beautiful Happy Valley community in Caldwell County. We specialize in grain fed F1 (American) Wagyu beef. Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cow known for its exceptional marbling and flavor. Our full blooded Wagyu bulls are crossed with traditional beef cattle, primarily Angus, to create beef that gives you a wonderful blend of buttery marbling from the Wagyu and that beefy flavor of American beef. 4440 beef consistently grades at above Prime.
Our Wagyu cows are grain fed their entire life with a proprietary blend of grain that we have developed. This enhances the already high marbling and flavor. We are a steroid and hormone free farm. Antibiotics are only used in the case that is medically necessary for the animal. We have been in the cow business for over 15 years and started with Wagyu cows in 2015. All meat is USDA inspected and we are a member of the American Wagyu Association.