Heartwood Farms Ltd
Address: 235 Jesse Brown Road Boone, NC, 28607
Email Address:
Phone: 863-381-2106
About Us
Heartwood Farms Ltd. is a sustainable micro-farm that produces all-natural meat products, grows medicinal herbs and vegetables, and educates others about sustainability and environmental care through an off-grid farmstay.
All our animals are pasture-raised. Our pigs are turned out on lush pastures full of acorns and other nuts so they can root, toot, and mud-roll as pigs should. They are never contained, and have access to food, water, and shelter and belly rubs at all times. While they're with us, they're treated like royalty and are never dosed with antibiotics or treated for common ailments with anything other than medicinal herbs, most of which are also grown on site or nearby the farm. All our animals enjoy a free-range life and are cared for with the animal's maximum enjoyment in mind. Our ducks have ponds of water to splash around in; our goats romp on playgrounds of wooden spools; and our chickens and turkeys take dust baths in fields of their choosing. We believe food produced with love just tastes better. Good thing we have pretty big hearts.