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Fading D Farm LLC
Contact: Faythe DiLoreto
Address: 295 FADING D FARM RD Salisbury, NC, 28144
Phone: 980-330-8189
About Us
Fading D Farm was established in 2013 by Faythe and David DiLoreto based on our love of cheese, Mozzarella di Bufala specifically. Upon returning home from a family vacation in Italy, we wanted to continue to enjoy the new foods that we had discovered. Much to our surprise, Mozzarella made with Water Buffalo milk was not available in the USA. Our solution, buy some Buffalo and make it ourselves. Between cheese making lessons and a crash course in Water Buffalo dairy farming our adventure quickly became a vocation.

Fading D Farm is a family owned and operated Farmstead Dairy in Rowan County, NC. As the only Water Buffalo Dairy in the Southeast and one of only six in the USA we feel that it is our mission to introduce Water Buffalo and their products to as many people as possible. This includes not only producing the wonderful cheeses and gelato that can be made from their milk but also by improving the genetics of our Buffalo so that others farms can also be successful in raising them.
Our Water Buffalo calves are all bottle fed and pasture raised with close human interaction throughout their lives. Because of this our Buffalo view themselves as pets instead of working animals.

Water Buffalo milk is unique with 30% more protein and three times the butterfat content when compared to Holstein’s milk. It is also an A2A2 product making it more digestible for many with dairy intolerance.

All of our dairy products are hand crafted in small batches at Fading D Farm. By taking advantage of the special characteristics of Water Buffalo milk and following traditional Italian cheese making practices we are able to produce a Mozzarella di Bufala that is soft and delicious. Local production is important for Mozzarella because, as a fresh cheese, the best flavor and texture are experienced by enjoying it as soon as possible after it is produced.

Buffalo milk’s high butterfat content makes Fading D Farm’s Gelato extremely rich and creamy. Always made from scratch with local ingredients and nothing artificial, it has a clean, refreshing taste.

As an alternative to beef, Buffalo meat has slightly more flavor and is not gamey. It is extremely lean with whole muscle cuts lower in fat than chicken breast or venison. It is also high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, making it a healthier alternative to beef. Fading D Farm Water Buffalo is pasture raised and pasture finished and processed at USDA inspected plants.