Mezzaluna Farmstead
Contact: Sarina Roscigno & River Neff
Address: 1706 Bulldog Rd Trade, TN, 37691
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Phone: 423-341-9638
About Us
Located 17 miles from the High Country Food Hub

We raise sheep for their fine meat and wool, but most importantly for the magical transformation that ruminants can have on the landscape. Through intensive pasture management, they are turning our rocky hillside into lush pastures that hold and build soil, repairing the damage done by soil erosion. We strive to use the whole animal, in addition to shearing and processing the wool on-farm from our breeding flock, we tan the sheepskins from butcher lambs with a traditional, chemical-free method.
Our sheep are 100% grass-fed, grass-finished and raised without the use of grain, antibiotics or growth hormones. Our Icelandic sheep are highly seasonal breeders, lambs are typically born in April and spend the summer grazing alongside their mothers. We do not castrate ram lambs, dock tails, or indiscriminately use wormers. We practice intensive pasture management, moving our sheep every 24 hours or less with temporary fencing during the grazing season based on pasture growth. This style of shepherding has many benefits: the sheep are always getting fresh forage at its nutritional peak; impact and fertility (manure) is spread more evenly; and paddocks are rested for 20 to 60+ days to encourage a diversity of deep rooted plants, break parasite life cycles, and build topsoil. We supplement what they forage with water from our spring, certified organic kelp and loose minerals. Our lambs are typically taken to butcher in October, after a season of storing a whole herbal farmacy in every tender, sweet cut.

For more on how we farm, see our website or our instagram: @mezzaluna_farmstead

We are not currently certified under any third parties for our farming practices, but we invite you to ask questions and appreciate your feedback.