So Below Farm
Contact: Julia and Matthew Bailey
Address: 3768 Bethel Rd Sugar Grove, NC, 28679
Email Address:
Phone: 828-719-5351
About Us
So Below Farm is run by Julia and Matthew Bailey, located west of Boone, NC in a small area known as Bethel. We grow a mix of fruits and vegetables and offer plant starts grown from organic seed. We believe low impact small farms are essential to a healthy food system. Our goal is to nurture a balanced farming ecosystem that bears wholesome fruit and vegetables while supporting itself and the surrounding environment. As above, so below.
We are a sustainably minded farm focused on working together with nature's cycles and natural ability to heal and protect the land. We aim to provide fresh, nutritious food for our community in a way that supports biodiversity and soil fertility without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. We grow our plants from organically sourced seed and only feed the garden with organic soil amendments and compost.