SNIPS of Watauga Humane Society
Address: 312 Paws Way Boone, NC, 28607
Email Address:
Phone: 828-406-0827
About Us
SNIPS of Watauga Humane Society
Contact: Monique S. Eckerd, Committee Chairperson, and Treasurer, Watauga Humane Society Board of Directors
Address: 312 Paws Way, Boone, North Carolina, 28607
Phone: 828-264-7865
Location: 5.8 miles from High Country Food Hub

SNIPS (Spay Neuter Is a Positive Solution) is the 35+ member spay/neuter committee of Watauga Humane Society (WHS). Our mission is to end animal overpopulation by making low-cost spay/neuter services available for pets in Watauga and Ashe counties. By reducing animal suffering, abandonment and abuse, a vigorous community spay/neuter program also decreases intakes and euthanasia at local shelters. A spay/neuter surgery through SNIPS costs $15 for cats and $25 for dogs and includes a rabies shot. SNIPS funds cover the balance due of $25-$140 depending on the animal. Since October of 2017, SNIPS has supported surgeries for more than 1700 companion animals, strays, and ferals. In 2019 alone, 700 animals benefited from these services, and in 2020, that number is approaching 300.

Surgeries are performed in the offices of five local veterinarians and at the ASPCA Spay Neuter Alliance Clinic in Asheville, NC. In addition to supporting the cost of surgeries for privately owned animals, SNIPS underwrites the Community Cat Program for WHS, the parent organization for both programs. We also work closely with both the Humane Society of Ashe and Partners Canines to make spay/neuter accessible to as many animals as possible
Since 2007, plant sales have been an annual event and a primary fundraiser. Plants come from the well-tended gardens of our members. Some are grown from seed, while others are dug from generations-old stands. Whether you are looking for bulbs, ferns, herbs, native plants, or perennials SNIPS plants have been lovingly tended, carefully potted, and affordably priced.

We are excited to join the vibrant Food Hub Community, which we hope will open new windows for outreach to animals, as well as help us raise the funds needed to continue our work.