Daffodil Spring Farm
Contact: Dave Walker
Address: Dutch Creek Road Valle Crucis, NC, 28604
Email Address:
Phone: 336-675-2413
About Us
Located: 9 miles from the High Country Food Hub

Daffodil Spring Farm is a community-scale farm located in the Valle Crucis community of Watauga County. Farmed and owned by Dave Walker, Daffodil Spring raises pastured pork that is Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World and root crop vegetables. Daffodil Spring practices regenerative agriculture, growing food that is good for the land, animals, and our community. Daffodil Spring Farm complements Dave's local-food system work with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture and his passion for growing toward a just future. The name of the farm comes from the daffodils that show before our last snow. They're hopeful and tell us that the mountains will soon be green again, full of new vibrant colors.

Certifications: Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World since 2017.
Daffodil Spring Farm practices regenerative agriculture and holistic land management. This means that pigs are frequently rotated every few weeks to fresh grass. What the pigs have rooted up is sowed with a cover crop mixture of buckwheat and red clover in the spring and summer and winter rye in the fall, building our soil and providing food for the animals.

From 2017-2019, Daffodil Spring Farm sourced its heritage-breed pigs from Melinda Brown of Never Ending Farm in Sugar Grove, NC, who is also a Certified Animal Welfare Approved farmer. Beginning in the summer of 2019, Daffodil Spring purchased a sow from Never Ending Farm and became a closed herd, raising Tamworth-Hereford cross pigs and Berkshire cross pigs. The pigs are fed a GMO-free pig feed diet, by hand, twice a day when they are young and have a free-choice feeder when they are older. There is always fresh, clean water available and ample room for them to root and graze. Feeding them by hand, allows me to assure that they remain healthy and makes them easier to work with and better natured.

Daffodil Spring Farm also grows several varieties of potatoes without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.