Devorah Artisan Chocolate
Contact: Meagan Brown
Address: 401 Buckskin Hollow Deep Gap, NC, 28618
Email Address:
Phone: 828-406-9436
About Us
Devorah Artisan Chocolate is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate company created in 2017 out of the desire to share my love of cacao and chocolate making with my community. It is my mission to create products and experiences that build a closer connection and deeper understanding of the chocolate we love.
All of our chocolate and cacao products are created in small batches starting with ethically sourced organic cacao beans from Peru. We offer a spectrum of products spanning from roasted cacao beans to truffles and bonbons. Unlike industrial chocolate, our chocolate is free of soy lecithin, refined white sugar, and added flavors. We use simple organic ingredients to bring you decant chocolate confections low on the glycemic index and suitable for vegans.