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Dragonfly Farms
Contact: Christina and Chris Brunner
Address: 8815 Reynolda Road Pfafftown, NC, 27040
Phone: 336-207-1666
About Us
Dragonfly Farms LLC is a small goat and chicken farm located on a quiet little hill in Pfafftown NC. We raise goats and use their milk to make body products like soap and shampoo bars! We use very simple, yet effective soap recipes believing that less is more! Whenever possible we try to wrap our soaps in recyclable or biodegrade materials. We make body soaps, shaving soaps, shampoo bars and bath bombs! In 2020 we expanded our operation and opened a small speciality store on King NC - we are committed to bringing local products from local people into the community.
Our soap recipe has been carefully crafted from select natural resources; including Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and animal fats; all harvested in a method that is non destructive and safe for the environment. Our soap includes no harmful alcohols which are very drying to the skin, no parabens, or other things you cannot pronounce. We do not add any alcohols to speed up our drying process, all of our soaps are slow cured for 4-6 weeks.