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Healing Springs Farm
Address: 1096 E. Healing Springs Road Crumpler, NC, 28617
Phone: 336-982-6262
About Us
Healing Springs Farm is located in Ashe County, just 30 miles from the High Country Food Hub. We have 3 generations raising Belted Galloway cattle, pastured Heritage breed pigs and pastured chickens.

We also make artisan soaps and body products using water from the "Healing Spring" on our property. Our soaps, lotions, and other items are full of natural skin loving oils and butters. The Healing Spring was discovered in 1883 and has many curative properties. We also make a selection of jams and jellies with locally sourced products. Our jams and jellies are 100% natural. Try some and taste the difference!

We firmly believe that beef from our Belted Galloway cattle is leaner, low in saturated fats and superior to other beef breeds in flavor. We are equally proud of the excellent Heritage breed pork and chicken products that we offer at the Food Hub. We strongly feel that our pastured meats are superior to what you find in a grocery store, because of HOW we raise our animals.

In addition to our farm products, we have renovated historic cabins surrounding a "Healing Spring" that are available to rent on a nightly basis. We are on the National Historic Register of Places because of the curative powers of the Healing Spring water.

Certifications: Appalachian Grown, Animal Welfare Approved.
We raise our cattle, pigs and chickens for the entire life cycle without the use of hormones, antibiotics, GMO feeds or chemicals. Our cattle are 100% grass fed/grass finished, our pigs are pastured /forested for their entire life cycle and our chickens free-range in rotating pastures. We firmly believe that allowing animals to live as nature intended creates the best tasting beef, pork, chicken and eggs.