Owl Creek Breadworks
Contact: Bruce & Brandy Ezzell
Address: 109 Owl Creek Rd Boone, NC, 28607
Email Address:
Phone: 828-262-1697
About Us

Owl Creek Breadworks is a family-owned and operated micro-bakery located in the heart of downtown Meat Camp. We specialize in European-style hearth breads, using fresh ground organic and certified chemical-free grains. We also sell handmade bagels and a wide variety of hand-rolled croissants and other pastries. Our goal is to serve real bread to real people.
Ingredients are sourced from various suppliers. Our organic grain is ground fresh in our shop. The white flour we use for our bread is certified chemical free. The vast majority of our bread is made with natural leavening (sourdough starter or levain). We do use commercial yeast in some bread and bagels, however, we use small amounts and employ long-rising pre-ferments to make the best tasting, most nutritious product we can. Everything is produced from scratch in our shop. Owl Creek Breadworks does not have a store front location.