Bub's Provisions LLC
Contact: Kade E. Castle
Address: 643 Kendell Town Rd Ferguson, NC, 28624
Email Address:
Phone: 443-510-8097
About Us
Grass-fed operation of beef, pork, poultry and waterfowl. The focus of our farm is to bring the most sustainable and ecologically friendly practices to the forefront and implement them on our farm. We specialize in rotational grazing and graze our animals to include cattle and sheep on rented land (leases) and our own property in Ferguson, NC. Our staple of our farm is our geese and their ability to work with the land. We are proudly a Veteran ran and owned business.
Sustainable agriculture, solar, geothermal, aquaponics, hydroponics, grass-fed, no harm, low-stress handling practices, animal welfare is first, rotational grazing and land restoration