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Bub's Provisions LLC
Contact: Kade E. Castle
Address: 643 Kendell Town Rd Ferguson, NC, 28624
Phone: 443-510-8097
About Us
In 2020, I found myself leaving the military and asking myself, “What next”? I had always known that I would someday return to the roots of my ancestors and raise livestock, it was in my soul. I knew that I did not just want to raise anything but something truly unique, and so I decided to raise grass-fed Pineywoods beef, one of the very first cattle breeds in North America of which we are proudly one of several small breeders in the state and country, but soon it grew to also supplying pork, gamefowl, and a wide array of poultry. The focus of our farm is to bring the most sustainable and ecologically friendly practices to the forefront and implement them on our farm. We try to move with land rather than against it. Permaculture is our focus. We practice no till and source much of our feedstock on farm.We specialize in rotational grazing and graze our animals to include cattle and sheep on rented land (leases) and our own property in Ferguson, NC. We are focused on providing food security for all and want to share that with you!

Sustainable agriculture, solar, geothermal, aquaponics, hydroponics, grass-fed, no harm, low-stress handling practices, animal welfare is first, rotational grazing and land restoration