Aunt Bessie's Natural Farm
Contact: The Greer Family
Address: 798 Elk Creek Rd Deep Gap, NC, 28618
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Phone: 828-264-4585
About Us
Located 7 miles from High Country Food Hub

Aunt Bessie's is a 40-acre farm in Deep Gap, North Carolina, named for our great-aunt Bessie Triplett, who owned and operated the farm with her husband Russell in the 1930s - 1950s. The land has been in the family since the late 1700s.

We employ old-time natural practices, without the use of any artificial or synthetic elements in our livestock or produce.


Our chickens free-range on fresh grass throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter (weather permitting), and are supplemented with a diet free of hormones or antibiotics. They are the sole source of fertilizer for our garden, where we grow all our produce with no chemicals or pesticides.