Aunt Bessie's Natural Farm
Contact: The Greer Family
Address: 798 Elk Creek Rd Deep Gap, NC, 28618
Email Address:
Phone: 828-264-4585
About Us
Located 7 miles from High Country Food Hub

Aunt Bessie's is a 40-acre farm in Deep Gap, North Carolina, named for our great-aunt Bessie Triplett, who owned and operated the farm with her husband Russell in the 1930s - 1950s. The land has been in the family since the late 1700s.

We supply free-range eggs to local customers. Wholesale quantities available by request.

We also supply excellent aged fertilizer, leaf mulch and wood chips in small and large quantities.

Please feel free to contact us for pricing.

We employ natural practices without the use of artificial or synthetic elements in our livestock, produce or the fertilizer we sell.

Our chickens free-range on fresh grass throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter (weather permitting), and are supplemented with a diet free of hormones or antibiotics. They are the sole source of fertilizer for our garden, where we grow without the use of chemical pesticides.