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Trosly Farm
Contact: Amos and Kaci Nidiffer
Address: 95 Peter Harding Lane Elk Park, NC, 28622
Phone: 828-733-4938
About Us
Contact: Kaci and Amos Nidiffer
Address: 95 Peter Harding Lane Elk Park, NC (Avery County)
Phone: 828.733.4938

About Us:
Located 25 miles from High Country Food Hub
Trosly Farm is a family owned and operated farm in the mountains of Avery County. We grow vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers along with our certified bakery.
We continually walk a fine line between innovation and tradition. Our goal is to honor the values of our Appalachian heritage--
self sufficiency, propriety, land stewardship, and low impact/input agricultural practices. Our farming begins and ends in gratitude.

What's in a Name?
The name "Trosly" comes from a little town in France which is the home of one of our heroes, Jean Vanier. Vanier is a proponent of belonging, celebration, and peace- all things that we hope to embody here on the farm.

Appalachian Grown Certified

We are not certified organic. At Trosly Farm, we meet or exceed all organic standards, but we also strive to create a healthy, vibrant, natural ecosystem that is strong, bio-diverse, and resilient... and that also happens to produce food for us humans! For more information on organic farming and our farming practices, join us for one of our fun, inspirational and informative Farm Tours or events that we have planned for this season!