Sparks Hill Farm
Address: 2330 NC Hwy 18 N Sparta, NC, 28675
Email Address:
Phone: 336-312-7374
About Us
Sparks Hill Farm, owned by Yancy and Leslie Sparks, is located in Sparta, NC. While in veterinary school, Leslie discovered a passion for pigs and when Yancy added a few milk cows to his herd of beef cattle she took the opportunity to raise a few piglets on the extra milk! After purchasing a Tamworth boar, a few piglets turned into a full fledged breeding operation! With the arrival of twin farmhands in the fall of 2016 Leslie reduced the number of sows she was breeding but still sells feeder pig to local farmers throughout the year. When not busy with their own farm, Yancy and Leslie are helping other producers with their farming operations. Yancy works for Select Sires and artificially breeds cattle up and down the east coast. Leslie is a large animal veterinarian at Tarheel Mobile Veterinary Services and provides on the farm care to livestock in the High Country and surrounding counties.