Contact: Camille F. Edwards
Address: 495 Maple Grove Church Rd Hays, NC, 28635
Email Address:
Phone: 336-467-0594
About Us
A Certified Naturally Grown ("CNG") and ASAP certified farm, To BEE SOW HAPPY Farm grows medicinal herbs, specializing in teas and nervines, as well as produce. We also have plant starts featuring flowering medicinal and culinary herbs for the garden enthusiasts. Visitors are welcomed to the farm with advance notice. Please see our FB page for more information.
We combine both bio-intensive and organic methods in our farming. We use only OMRI approved soils for our potted plants and any fertilizers that are used. All natural methods are used. We are very aware of our pollinators and refuse to use even Organic products that may disrupt the cycle of the pollinators, such as Neem. We focus on soil regeneration and natural methods of irrigation and water preservation to the best of our abilities.