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Bee Sweet Bee Salty
Contact: Kara Logwood
Address: 626 Ashe Central School Road Jefferson, NC, 28663
Phone: 405-361-1589
About Us
Bee Sweet Bee Salty is a small cookie and treats company based in Jefferson, NC.
Started at the end of January 2022; we are a humble little cookie shop with currently four flavors, and hoping to branch out into a few other treats.
The named of the company came from two main points.
Bee sweet: we use local Appalachian honey to sweeten out cookies along with sugar.
Bee salty: Matthew 5:13, as a gentle reminder to be sweet (be kind and love toward everyone) and to keep my savor (have integrity and morality in everything I do).

We love people and most of all we love God, every one of our orders comes with a small encouraging verse.
We believe that we need Jesus in our everyday lives and as you taste our delicious cookies and treats we hope that
it brings sweetness, goodness, and joy into your life as little piece of heavenly goodness.

We hope you enjoy our delicious sweets!

For more information and how you can book us for catering
check out our facebook page:

We work out of the High County Commerical Kitchen in Jefferson,NC.
We have our food process inspection certification.
** Bee Sweet Bee Salty Fully licensed and insured baker **

We follow safe food handling practices.

All of our Cookies are made to order and wrapped to ensure freshness.

Consume immediately upon arrival or freeze for a later date.
Warm in microwave for 5-10 seconds or into a 350 degree oven for a couple minutes if desired.

Roughly 2.5in Diameter

Products may contain: Dairy, eggs, tree nuts, honey, cinnamon, gelatin, wheat, soy