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Shenanigan farms
Address: 215 ELK LN. Deep Gap, NC, 28618
Phone: 818-324-2618
About Us
Welcome to Shenanigan Farms, a little slice of heaven located just 10 miles from the Highcountry Food Hub. Nestled in the picturesque Deep Gap of Watauga County, our farm is a haven for both nature and animals.

At Shenanigan Farms, we pride ourselves on our flock of girls. These lovely ladies come in a variety of breeds, each contributing to the rich tapestry of colors and sizes of our eggs. Their lifestyle not only ensures the highest quality eggs but also allows them to assist in composting and provide warm embraces to anyone who visits.

But our farm is not just home to our feathered friends. We also share our space with a delightful menagerie of animals. From our miniature pony to our miniature donkey and miniature Nigerian goats, these pint-sized creatures add an extra touch of charm to our farm. They serve as wonderful companions and bring joy to our visitors.

At Shenanigan Farms, we believe in sustainable farming practices, ensuring the well-being of our animals, and providing the community with fresh, wholesome products. So come and experience the tranquility of our farm, where nature's beauty meets the joy of animal companionship.